Locksmith scammers: How Do You Spot Them?

Scammers are in every industry. Locksmith scammers show up at the time when you need help the most and likely to fall into their trap. Sometimes you lose your car or office keys when you have an urgent task to perform. This puts you at risk of just hiring any locksmith to fix your problem, and you end up hiring locksmith scammers. If you haven’t been scammed, locksmith scammers are real. But how do you avoid them? In our well-researched piece below, we are going to share simple ways you can avoid these scammers.

They do not mention company’s real name

It’s obvious that anyone who has nothing to hide will speak openly about his business and the services they provide. He will give you the name of the company and more information on where it’s located. If you find a locksmith who doesn’t want to share the name of the company openly is working for, that person is a swindler. Be wary of such locksmiths because if something goes wrong, they will not be available to make corrections.

Their charges are abnormally high or low

If you come across a locksmith, who is charging low than the standard rates, think twice. Most scammers try to use low rates to attract you. They know that people do not love hiring expensive services and a cheap service will attract more clients to them. However, other scammers charge relatively high on the idea that people believe expensive is always good. Not every valuable thing or services are worth your cash.

They come with unmarked vehicles

If you call a locksmith and he turns up with an unmarked car. This could indicate he might be one of the many scammers in the industry today. It is evident he doesn’t want you to get any vital information that might lead you to him after doing and a shoddy job and going away. A credible company will at any point have all the necessary information indicated on its vehicles. This does not only help you to know they are credible but it also helps the company to be noticed. Hire a company that you will not have a hard time following up on in case you need a rework

Locksmith wants to drill your lock

If you hire a locksmith who wants to drill your lock without any convincing reason, then be careful. Though some situations might call for lock drilling, it shouldn’t be without good cause. Some of these cons will always work on your lock for some minutes and declare it should be drilled. If you notice this, it’s a clear indication that the locksmith is not the right person for your task. They do lock drilling because they are aware doing so will prompt you to purchase a new lock. This will, in turn, give them a charge to charge you an extra coin.


If you had any encounter with these locksmith scammers, please share in the comments below. Also if you have had such experience, it is time to watch out.